Meet the Characters of Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy is calm, caring, and creative. Andy Pandy helps and encourages his friends. Whether it's kite-flying, balloon sculpture, painting, pottery or papier mache, Andy Pandy knows how to do it. He is an enabler, energetic, and good humoured. He's cheerful, knowledgeable and fun to be with; a friend to everyone.

Looby Loo

Looby Loo is keen to help and to join in with the others, but she does like to be in charge. When there is a picnic to be organised, she'll be the one to send out the invitations and make sure everyone attends. She is a little more bossy than Andy Pandy and very house-proud.


Teddy is energetic, curious and a little clumsy. He can often unwittingly cause trouble, which as often as not, Andy Pandy has to sort out. He is Andy Pandy's greatest fan and willing pupil, for when things go wrong, Andy Pandy can usually help Teddy out. Teddy is a bit mischievous but he's also happy and enthusiastic, and it's lucky he has Andy Pandy there to help channel these energies.

Missy Hissy

Missy Hissy is a snake. She's rather timid, prone to worrying and is very sensitive. She spends a lot of time in her home - an arrangement of drainpipes. But she doesn't like it when people pay an unexpected visit; more often than not it'll make her jump out of her skin.


Tiffo the dog is playful and energetic and likes nothing better than a spot of rough-and-tumble with Teddy or Orbie or, well just about anything really. He's inquisitive and friendly. A bouncy, boisterous bundle of fun.


Bilbo is a sailor and inseparable from his boat. He's only viewed from the waist up as he navigated his yacht around Andy Pandy Land. His only interests are his boat house and his yacht. He's friendly and cheerful - and seaworthy.

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