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Andy Pandy logo"Andy Pandy" revolves around the adventures of Andy Pandy, his friend Looby Loo, his moth-eaten Teddy and other friends. The "Andy Pandy" stories are narrated rather than spoken, with award-winning actor Tom Conti providing the voice-over. Like "Bill and Ben", the program performed consistently well in the U.K. ratings versus its competition.

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Ben Productions LLC logoBen Productions LLC is the owner of all the intellectual property rights, including trademarks, of the "Watch with Mother" series of children's characters.


Watch With Mother logoThese properties comprise the BBC’s beloved “Watch with Mother” series. Originally aired from the 1950’s through 1971, these seminal children’s programs became some of the most successful U.K. television shows in the history of British children’s entertainment. Generations of British children have grown up with the “Watch with Mother” characters, which became hallmarks of British childhood.

Bill and Ben logoBen Productions LLC and the BBC commissioned Cosgrove Hall Films, Europe’s largest animation house responsible for such classics as “DangerMouse”, “Noddy” and “Wind In The Willows” to produce new versions of “Bill and Ben” and “Andy Pandy”. They produced 52 ten-minute episodes of “Bill and Ben” and 52 five-minute episodes of Andy Pandy in stop frame animation.

The new versions of “Bill and Ben” and “Andy Pandy” generated consistently high TV ratings on the BBC. “Andy Pandy” received a BAFTA nomination in 2002.

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